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Somedays everything just goes right.   Today was one of those days.

As soon as I woke up, I had a cheery disposition and felt that things were going to be great.  Rain had been forecasted which I was dreading but none-the-less I got out of bed happily singing.  The smell of coffee filled the air as I entered the kitchen–my husband had already made coffee!  That is the sign of true love — a partner who gets out of bed to manage the children is one in a million.

Thus my day started great.  Despite the hanging grey clouds outside, we decided to venture outdoors and head to the village.  As soon as we walked up the steps of the Marketplace my daughter beelined towards the Tree (a playground/treehouse) and squealed with joy.

She ran up and down the tree and back-and-forth around the playground screaming for me to keep in tow.   Exhausted — not her but me– my husband and I slowly coerced her away from her beloved Tree and towards the village square.  Of course, this became a game for her and she would poke her head into various shops while courteously greeting the workers.

As we came around the bend we stumbled upon Araxi.  Ever since I have moved to Whistler I have wanted to try eating there.  I gave my husband a look of plea–he knew.  I know what some people are probably thinking: “A nice restaurant with kids, ugh, I hate when people do that.”  Well, I admit we were tentative dining there but we chose to dine on the square (the outdoor patio of Araxi) and there were very few patrons (no more than six).

My husband and I ordered off the menu designated for patio dining–limited choices yet enough of a selection to ensure happy diners.

I ordered the Chicken salad and my husband got the Gruyere quiche.

Chicken Crunch Salad

Our meals came and were, of course, beautifully plated.  My salad had pieces of fried chicken, bacon, onions, slices of avocado, heirloom tomatoes on a bed of spring greens.  While I found the chicken a tad dry, the flavours of the salad married quite well together.  The vinaigrette was delicious and used sparingly–I often find salads doused in dressing so for this I was thankful.

Delicious Gruyere Quiche

The Gruyere quiche, however, was the frontrunner.  It was by far the most amazing quiche I have ever had and my fork somehow kept on wondering over to my husbands plate.  The gruyere was not overpowering but subtle adding a tasty note to the dish.  The texture of the quiche was soft and pillowy.  As I placed it in my mouth, the smoothness of the quiche melted into a pleasant burst of flavours.  Simply wonderful.

Though my husband and I were both full we had room for dessert and we promised our daughter some ice cream so our arms were twisted.  We ordered the Lemon Tart and the Valrhona Chocolate Fondant.

The Lemon Tart

The Lemon Tart was accompanied with raspberry coulis and a creme fraiche ice cream.  It was enjoyable but not too memorable.  I enjoyed the crust of the tart–a not-too-sweet shortbread, I think–which paired well with the sweet pucker of the lemon filling.  The Chocolate Fondant was divine.  Every element of the plate was great, my husband especially liked the triple chocolate stracciatella ice cream.  For me, a chocolate dessert is usually always a winner as was the case for this one.

Beautiful daughter number one waiting for her dessert patiently

Beautiful daughter number two smiling as per usual

The best part about Araxi was seeing my daughters behave so well (actually the best part was the quiche, it was that good!).  We were so proud and I feel very blessed for having the opportunity to dine there.  I will definitely try and go there again for dinner.

A truly memorable experience. Oh, and it didn’t rain at all!

For more information about Araxi please check out their website for the location and menu (the Square/Brunch menu is not online).


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  1. you finally did it! wow, the food looks amazing – i am a sucker for a good presentation! glad to hear that it tasted as good as it looked. great photos of the girls, i love e’s wispy hair…so cute

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