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Living in Whistler is great.  I can’t really complain about it especially since it is considered one of the top destinations in North America.  Though I love calling Whistler home there are a few things that bother me about it.

The first Whistler quirk I have is the bear. I still have to get used to them.  When I heard that there were bears in Whistler I imagined that I would probably only see one either far away or from inside a house or car–I was very wrong.  A week ago I literally almost ran into a bear that was 25 m away from me during my run.  Then it kind of ran at me but was thankfully chased away by a car.  So, I still have to get used to that (I most likely never will).

The second problem I have with Whistler is the food.  I know what you must be thinking: “But, Whistler is home to many acclaimed restaurants.”  True, it is but it still lacks a good Chinese place and a patisserie. The lack of a patisserie posed a big problem for me because it meant no macarons.

Ever other food blog had macarons popping up.  All I wanted was to try one of those pesky cookies but alas no luck.  I never had the courage to make them.  Actually, I tried once and failed miserably.  That was definitely not a confidence booster.

My desire, however, became stronger and I vowed that a macaron I would try!  Out came the egg whites and on turned the oven.  Somehow, I made some macarons.  Good?  I have no clue because I haven’t ever had one before but they were delicious.  I haven’t tried making them again because I am convinced they were a fluke but I am so glad that I finally got my macaron fix.

I used a recipe from Tartlette.  She is the macaron expert extraordinaire.  If you want to give them a whirl I suggest looking at her website and choosing a recipe from there.



Good luck and may your macarons be divine.



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  1. holy smokies! beautiful job and equally beautiful job on the photography

    • Thank you, thank you. Not as beautiful as your blog but you give me something to aspire too.

      I realize that was corny–c’est la vie.

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