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Hello?  Do you remember me blog?  I know I have ignored you.  It is a shame but I have an excuse. I have been busy.  That is a pretty lame excuse, I know, but it is true.

Well, actually, to be totally, completely honest I haven’t wanted to bake.  Don’t get me wrong I love baking, but the temptation of baked food around is killing me.

I know I said everything is okay in moderation but I really think that eating three quarters of crack pie by yourself is definitely over-consumption.  The baked food temptation is even getting the best of my husbands will power.

A few weeks ago I saw him in the fridge.  Then, he  I heard a muffled sound.  “What?” I replied.  In a clearer, more composed voice, I heard “How bad is creme brulee for you?”

He ate seven of the eight creme brulee.

Needless-to-say, I decided we needed to go on a dessert cleanse which really wasn’t a cleanse at all.  Instead of ice cream we ate frozen yogurt but it is a start. Also, I am going to try to expand my posts to ones not just about baked goods but other types of foods.

Today, though, is not the day for that.  The cleanse of desserts had to be broken because my husband and I decided to have a dinner party and a dinner party isn’t complete without a dessert.  So, I made apple pie.  I used Martha Stewart’s recipe and it turned out great.

The one advice I have to say about pie making is that the more you make it the better you get at it.  The first pie I made was horrible.  I hated doing it.  The second one wasn’t much better.  I started to hate making pie, especially pie crust.  But, now I don’t mind making it and it was actually easy to make this time.

The Martha Stewart recipe for pate brisee is extremely easy and not time consuming at all. When you are a mom of two young one’s time management is very important so I really appreciated that aspect of the recipe.

I will be making this pie again and it is now my go to recipe.


You can find the apple pie recipe here and the recipe for pate brisee here.

Here are some tips in regards to pie making:

  • Always top the pie with small pieces of butter. The butter acts as a natural thickener and will help reduce the chances of a soggy pie.
  • Refrigerate the pie for 25 minutes before baking it. This will help the pie retain its form during baking.
  • Once the pie is baked, let it rest for at least four hours to firm up. Do not refrigerate pie because the pie will become soggy. If you are leaving it overnight cover loosely with foil.
  • Always remember to cut some vents into the pie to allow steam to escape.




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  1. Indeed it was delicious, very tasty, as was all of dinner, thank you again.

  2. Great looking pie! I agree that some butter on top makes a huge difference.

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