Eating in Whistler: Splitz Grill

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As I said in a previous post, I love burgers.  They are probably one of my favourite types of food.  Give me a good burger and you’ve got a happy camper.

During the Olympics I wasn’t able to eat out because so many places were busy, which meant no burgers.  I know, you are probably thinking “why didn’t you make one Tori?”  Well, even though I like burgers that are fried on a skillet, I love grilled-fired burgers and this I can’t achieve at home because I am scared.

I, Tori, am scared of the bears.  Living in Whistler means living in harmony with black bears.  Seeing bears is inevitable when you live here and we have an understanding with these fine and wondrous animals: they don’t eat us and we won’t bother them.  But, I am not ready to even see a bear, unless its name is “Winnie.”  I think I would be in hysterics.  Though I saw many bears up North I think that living in big cities has made me soft because I am deadly afraid.  That means that I will do everything in my power to not attract bears.

That brings me to my next point: barbecuing.  In Whistler, barbeques attract bears and these Whistler bears, well, they are smart.  They can actually open up car doors if they smell food inside it and they have been known to commit b&e into residences to obtain food without lawful consent; as a result, police are often called to deal with these unwanted, curious, and hungry intruders.

So, alas, no barbecuing for me.


Luckily, Whistler is home to one of the best burger place’s in Canada.  Splitz Grill is a local favourite and a must-try for anyone who comes here.  They have a selection of patties from the classic all-beef  to the spicy lentil patty.  My hubs and I love the spicy italian.

Once you order your burger you line up by the grill.  There the staff prepares your bun while you select a plentiful assortment of toppings such as: baba ganoush, salsa, cucumbers, sprouts, peppers, etc.

I will warn you though that I don’t think their fries are that great.  So if you are a lover of french fries you will probably be disapointed.

But if you like burgers as much as me forget going to the Elephant & Castle or Ric’s Grill and get a Splitz burger.  You will be happy.


You can find Splitz Grill 4369 Main Street, Whistler which is across the street from the 7 11.

Note: For those of you who are in the Vancouver area, a Splitz Grill is also located on 4242 Main Street, Vancouver.  Though it is owned by the same owners it is not the original Splitz.



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  1. Splitz salmon burger with tzatziki for me! I agree with you about the fries though.

  2. That burger looks so good – I can not imagine life without BBQ-ing we do it all the time ( I send the hubby out there rain, sleet snow, hail lightning…lol)- we have had a wayward bear or two but that is it!
    BUT we did have a close encounter while camping once so I am with you on steering clear!
    I enjoyed your story 🙂

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