Memories over a morning coffee

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The olympics are finally over and it ended with a bang and not a whimper.

I love to see a good hockey game and a good one it was.  Watching hockey always pulls on my heart strings because I grew up playing hockey.

For six years of my life I played the game; I think that is what you do when you are from the North.  Well, it is usually what boys do but my father wanted me to be tough and not let my gender handicap me.  So, he did what any father would do in his position.  He made me the first girl to play hockey in an all-boys league.

Although I was never the best player on the team it gave me an appreciation for the sport.  It also made me realize that I could handle myself pretty darn well against the boys and I earned the moniker “the Beast.”

Now, I realize that “the Beast” doesn’t sound like a nice nickname but to get a nickname from the guys was an honour.  To be fair, I also kind of looked like a beast when I played hockey.

My hair would always come loose from my ponytail and I would have massive amounts of hair sticking out the front of my helmet.  Also, I had broad shoulders so the shoulder pads we had to wear gave me a “beastly” presence.

Now, I will admit something–something that I haven’t admitted before.  Hockey was also a way for me to become closer to my brother.

My brother and I played hockey on the same team, which meant that he had to hang out with me.  We got to spend a lot of time with each other during those years I played hockey and I am very fortunate for that.

The times I remember most are just fleeting memories of us having slushies or hot chocolate after a game.  If we were lucky we would sometimes go to Tim Horton’s where mom and dad would get a coffee and a dozen donuts.

While this coffee isn’t a Tim Horton’s coffee I hope you grab a cup and take a minute to think about the little moments in your life that have made you happy.

Sayings become cliche because time-after-time they have been used to describe certain feelings or sentiments that are apt.  Though it has been said a thousand times I really do think that the littlest things mean the most.


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