This is my confession

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I have a confession to make. I am clumsy. I have always been clumsy. Ever since I was a little kid I would walk into trees, walls, doors, you name it.

I’ve fallen down flights of stairs in high school, I’ve tripped on my own jogging pants and I’ve slipped in puddles of mud. And let me tell you that going to school covered in mud is not fun. It’s a good thing my cousin Chris and I were in the same school because his gym clothes saved me more than once.

This clumsiness followed me to university, but when I had my daughter my clumsiness seemed to magically go away. I stopped dropping things and I no longer tripped on my own feet. It was a miracle.

Then I had my other daughter and I believe that the magic that cured my clumsiness was cancelled out by having another child thus resulting in the clumsies. Yup, I have gotten it down to a scientific equation.


Yesterday after a trip to the grocery store I was dropping off my shopping cart to cart drop-off. I had my baby in the baby bjorn and I grabbed my toddler from the cart and held her on my hip. I pushed the cart into the other carts and started walking away.

Suddenly, my cart rolling backwards into the parking lot where there are, of course, parked cars. I start running for it while carrying to children and I catch it with my free hand. But, it didn’t stop there.

More carts start rolling backwards; some are going left and others are going right. The panic hits me and I am trying to catch all the carts. Finally, some grocers see me and run to my aid.

See, I am clumsy. I am pretty sure I somehow hit the carts by accident with my purse which then in turn caused the chain of event.

Things like that only happen to me, which I have to laugh at because it is pretty funny and I can just imagine what the bystanders think.

There is only one thing that really irks me about my clumsiness and that is spilling chocolate milk.

I love chocolate milk but I try not to drink it very much. However, whenever I do drink it I either spill it while trying to pour it or I spill it when I try and drink it. That’s right, I miss my mouth while drinking chocolate milk.

So now I have come to the point of interest and what I really wanted to tell everyone about: my favourite guilty food pleasure. And, I think you should probably try because it is very good.

First, you need to go the to grocery store and buy a box of Kashi Whole Wheat Biscuits
Cinnamon Harvest
. It is a very healthy cereal and great because it doesn’t contain any white sugar; cane juice crystals are used instead. It’s a cereal I feel comfortable giving to my daughter in an age of overly processed packaged foods.

But I digress.

You then pour yourself a big bowl of that cereal and cover it in — that’s right, you guessed it– chocolate milk. It is great. It is actually fantastic. The chocolate and cinnamon are amazing together.

I always keep a box of the stuff around when I feel like I need a pick-me-up because it is kind of healthy, kind of sinful but extremely satisfying (at least to me anyway).

The cereal might make you extremely happy just.  Soon after you finish it you will be smiling like this:

That’s genuine happiness right there. You would never know she was teething.


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