The Ice Cream face off!!!

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I love ice cream. It is my absolute favourite. Everyone in my family loves ice cream. We love it so much we even consider it a breakfast food. My sister and I can finish off a carton of ice cream in one night– and often do when we get together.

Usually I get some chocolaty ice cream goodness or maybe pralines and cream but when I want something to pair with my desserts I always go for vanilla. In the past I choose french vanilla because I just assumed it was better (apparently in my mind yellow equals better). Then I started to wonder, what is the difference between french vanilla and vanilla ice cream?

Well, searching the web I found out that french vanilla uses more egg yolks and is more custard-y or something like that.

That’s when I decided that we had to come down to the bottom of things and have an blinded ice cream tasting party to decided which flavour people liked most!

I present to you… the ice cream face off!


We used Breyers ice cream and I think there are definitely better vanilla ice creams out there.

Trevor goes first. Alas, he couldn’t tell the difference between the two but preferred the plain old vanilla which was a surprise because before he said he liked french vanilla more.

My sister Tonija could tell the difference but was undecided on which one she preferred. Again, before the tasting she thought she liked french vanilla more… interesting…

Hubs could tell the difference and liked the french vanilla more! Note: the rice in my hand. Clearly we were very scientific and used it as a pallet cleanser in between tasting

I could tell the difference and originally I thought I liked the vanilla more but then after a few bites it had kind of an artificial taste to it. I also found the french vanilla not very vanilla-y.

The consensus stated that the french vanilla was creamier but left a weird after taste whereas the vanilla was sweeter. However, I am still undecided as to which I prefer.

I guess this means I will just have to eat double the ice cream to compensate for my uncertainty.



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  1. What a fun idea! I wonder which flavor my family likes best? We’ll have to do a taste test and find out!

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